Global News Roundup

Factory collapse

Ten women and three children have been confirmed dead after a factory collapse in the Pakistan city of Lahore. A gas leak is believed to have caused a blast in the building which employed underage workers.

Accord threatens peace

Rival Palestinian political bodies Hamas and Fatah have named president Mahmoud Abbas the head of a unity government. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said if the accord is implemented Abbas would have “abandoned” the peace process.

Castro’s memoirs

Former president and leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, has released a new two-volume, 1000-page memoirs. In a six-hour launch the 85-year-old said the book would cover his whole life.

Army replace police

About 3500 Brazilian troops have been deployed to the streets of Salvador to maintain law and order during a police strike. Rioters, looters and criminals had taken advantage of the lack of police.

Contador sentenced

Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has been banned from racing for two years after a decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The sentence is retrospective to January 2011 and also include the stripping of his 2010 Tour de France title.

More deaths

New outbreaks of violence are sweeping Syria in the wake of a UN rejection of a resolution condemning President Bashar al- Assad’s grip on power. China and Russian vetoed the declaration. At least 74 civilians were killed on Monday across the country.

Cruise virus outbreak

Almost 500 cases of the debilitating Norovirus have been reported in two popular American cruise liners. A spokeswoman for Ruby Princess and Crown Princess admitted the outbreak of the gastrointestinal virus.

Plane delays

Air France has warned air travellers of lengthy disruptions with strikes expected to see the cancellation of almost half of its long haul flights.

PM resigns

Public protests against austerity measures and cold weather has prompted the resignation of Romania’s prime minister. Emil Boc’s departure admitted he had made mistakes. He is the sixth EU leader forced from office due to Europe’s economic woes.

Diamond jubilee

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has marked the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne with the unveiling of a portrait. The 85-year-old also reaffirmed her commitment to reign until her death.

Flood crisis

Thousands of people have been evacuated from the Australian town of St George after record floodwaters threatened hundreds of homes just 12 months after the last flood.

Officials enforced a mandatory evacuation to nearby towns and cities.

Iran sanctions

The American government has announced further sanctions on the Iranian government. It has frozen the assets of the government and financial institutions. The action is designed to put pressure on the country to cease its nuclear programme.

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