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Attacks continue

Authorities in Nigeria are reeling from a fresh attack by Muslims against Christians in the second largest city, Kano. No one was injured after a police station was bombed. A series of bombings and shootings killed more than 200 people last month.

Missing money

About $2 billion dollars given to the US government by Iraq cannot be accounted for, an audit has discovered. The Iraqi government gave $3 billion in 2004 towards reconstruction efforts. The defence department found records were missing.

Population shrinks

Projections indicate the Japanese population is in decline and is expected to be 30 percent down in 2060. Nearly 40% of its approximate 87 million will be older than 60. The country has a population of 128 million.

Falklands fight

Decades old tensions between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands have resurfaced ahead of Prince William’s deployment to the territory next month. Argentinean president Cristina Fernandez de Kircher accused the UK of stealing resources.

Killing condemned

Somali president Sharif Ahmed has denounced the murder of a journalist as “senseless murder”. Hassan Osman Abdi, 29, was shot dead Saturday. Ahmed urged witnesses to help police investigate the death.

Unrest in Tibet

Unrest in Tibet has prompted Beijing to send thousands of security forces to the Chinese controlled region. Many Tibetans resent Chinese occupation and it is feared Tibetan New Year celebrations could fuel independence demonstrations.

Syria resolution

The UN will this week consider a resolution put forward by Morocco calling for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to stand down. Recent democracy protests in the country have promoted deadly clashes with police.

Bomb plot

Three Muslim men have been jailed in Norway over plans to bomb Denmark after the publication of controversial cartoons by a newspaper in 2006. They were sentenced to prison terms ranging from four months to seven years.

Strikes confirmed

Unmanned aircraft regularly attack militant hideouts in Pakistan’s tribal areas, US president Barack Obama has confirmed. He referred to the operations in an online interview. Little is known about the long-rumoured covert strikes.

Party threat

Cuban president Raul Castro says allowing other parties to operate in the socialist state would threaten independence and the 1959 revolution led by his brother, Fidel. However he committed to more democracy and open debate.

Taliban meeting

The Afghan government reportedly plans to hold negotiations with Taliban leaders in Saudi Arabia this month. A meeting has not been officially announced and it is also unclear whether the American government will be officially represented.

Greeks angry

A German plan to install an EU official to oversee the Greek budget has been angrily rejected. Greek finance minister Evangelos Venizelos said the plan would force him to choose between financial help for his country and “national dignity”.

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