Great new look

EDITOR - I would like to commend you on the new look paper, both online and print. It is fresh, interactive and captivating.

I have ardently followed The Zimbabwean since its inception in February 2005. For me, the paper is the ultimate source of news, information and cutting edge analysis of socio-economic and political events back home. In fact, it has become my source of information about issues at home.

However, I strongly feel the paper has not lived up to its mandate completely: to speak for the voiceless.

You must be commended on empowering women through creating awareness on gender issues etc. One wonders who are really the voiceless people of Zimbabwe. Or perhaps the paper caters more for the welfare of politically displaced economic immigrants than the vast majority of tribal groupings in the country whose identity is on the verge of extinction in the information age!

Democracy is a basic tenet, so is one’s culture and language, two basic components of a society.

Since independence, little has been done to develop and recognise the minority tribes of Zimbabwe. Everything in Zimbabwean politics centers around the Shona and Ndebele people. I find the silence deafening from respectable, honest and independent papers like The Zimbabwean.

A paper that stands for democracy, freedom, fairness, honesty and free access to information needs to do more. It seems everyone is doing what President Robert Mugabe has been criticised for: marginalising the minority groups.

How about a monthly column about the BaTonga people of Zimbabwe highlighting their grievances, cultural degradation, education etc. Or Kalanga people who are making a difference in South Africa? – AMOS MUTALE, South Africa

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