I agree with Moyo, for a change

EDITOR - Jonathan Moyo is pointing a finger at the writers of the draft constitution who simply put to paper what people said during the information gathering exercise. I participated in the process through the website developed specifically for that purpose and it was very clear that many people wanted this.

Jonathan Moyo
Jonathan Moyo

But I do agree with Moyo on the point that Mugabe should not be blocked from participating in this election, even though people’s wish for a two term limit for Presidents should be observed. As Moyo rightly points out, Mugabe is the First Secretary and President of one of the major parties in the Global Political Agreement giving birth to this new constitution. We should open a new chapter and allow everyone to contest for two terms in office from the time the new constitution came into force. This is a new beginning to democracy, so let us not be found trying to elbow each other out of the game.

If we continue to argue, even the constitution making process will come to a dead end, and that will be the worst case scenario for Zimbabwe.

I guess that should also work out well for democracy, because Mugabe is the weakest candidate Zanu( PF) can offer at the moment, so that will lead to the party’s second defeat since 1980.

I see this as a win-win situation, because Mugabe will lose happily, and probably die a happy man not more than 10 years after his second defeat, if the elections are held in a free and fair environment.

I call upon the two MDCs and all pro-democracy forces to put aside their differences for a while, agree to give Mugabe another go at the elections. Constitutions should not be applied retrospectively. – Benjamin Chitate, New Zealand

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