If I was the MP:

We gave residents the opportunity to put themselves in their MP’s shoes: George Wasu: “I would strive to put interests of the electorate ahead of mine. In Parliament I would selflessly advocate for national development issues at the expense of my personal benefits.

Naison Kamwendo: “Iain Kay made life more bearable.”
Naison Kamwendo: “Iain Kay made life more bearable.”

I would give professional advice for local and central government to implement policies serving the best interests of residents – whatever the consequences.”

Naison Kamwendo: “I would reside in my constituency to be part of the community and be versed with daily activities. I would appreciate and assist every member of the community earn a living through means of his choice.”

Anyway Tafireyi: “I would conduct community business openly for every member of the community to keep updated. I would also work with members from the rival political party despite prevailing hostilities.”

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