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Birthday cake

Traffic police are giving motorists a tough time on the road penalizing them for any offense they can think of to raise money for the president’s birthday. The level at which they are mounting their road blocks in Harare is just frustrating for the drivers. At least they should give the people a bigger piece of the president’s cake because they are the one who buy it anyway. –Joshua Mumberi, Waterfalls.

Who has power?

How can the president complain in the press that Minister Biti is denying him money? He is the man in power why can’t he sit down with his subordinates and get him to comply? Crying about it in the press will only expose his incompetence when he thought he is painting MDC with a black brush. –Gutu, Marondera.

Henrietta’s bling

What is happening to the justice system? When a man or woman is arrested he awaits his/her trial date while in prison. The way Henrietta Rushwaya appeared in court did not seem like she was coming from the cells with all that bling. The law should apply to everyone in this country, at least to everyone with the exception of ours truly, the dictator. We are forced to accept that Mugabe is above the law but we can’t have little people like Rushwaya going above the law too. So does this mean the law is made for the poor people in Zim, those with money or rather those who are corrupt can get away with anything? –Owen, Budiriro.

Happy Birthday

I would like to wish our beloved president, commander general of the defecse forces, a holder of karate black belt a happy birthday. How many years now? 88? Machristmas awanda. –Hurungwe.

Education crisis

The way Ordinary and Advanced level students passed their ZIMSEC and Cambridge exams across the country is just something else. What does it tell us when our teachers are always going on strike? If we pay our teachers well then our kids have the ability to do even more. We want our children to have the best education for the future of this country. –Irene Gamurai, Gweru.

Too many potholes

Where is the tollgate money going? The potholes in Harare and other cities are just embarrassing for a country with a government. Where are all the ministers driving their cars not to notice such things? The way the authorities attend to Bulawayo road because it is the one Mugabe uses to his rural home should be how they do with other roads. I doubt if the president of this country even knows of such potholes the country’s roads are decorated with. –Allan M, Harare.


A lady Teacher at one of the schools along Gweru road in Zvishavane has been going to work the past three months without being paid due to an acting Head teacher fabricating charges against her to settle old scores.And he has taken over a month to come up with charges as a way of fixing the lady teacher. Ironically he has managed to convince his superiors as evidenced by their silence. I wonder how she is surviving, mwari anoda vanhu vake. Does WOZA STILL EXIST? – Nelson Mutetwa

Tell the truth

The recent Manica Post report about the Mayor has not a bit of truth.There was no ‘’forcible removal of MrJames’’. I was there. About 12 young males, some of them wearing ZANU-PF shirts on arrived just as the meeting was starting. They ‘’shepherded’’ everyone out – roughing me up in the process. Were they ratepayers? No-one knows but they caused the assault. Eventually I had a council police officer escort me to safety. He was the only policeman there & he was at the exit to council building, nowhere near to forcibly remove anyone. We must support the positive actions the Mayor has done for this City & everyone must go to the council meetings to see what is happening – Bob Hickley

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