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I am weekly buyer of The Zimbabwean but I believe your paper favours Mashonaland Rarely you find news about Gwanda South, Binga, Plumtree, Tsholotsho. Why? Be the voice of Zimbabweans and not be on- sided. Wake up and serve us without favour before we shun your paper. - Bongani

Overzealous professor Jonathan Moyo seems to have been in politics just for power and not for the aim of seeing things change. Now he is enjoying his piece of the cake quietly. –Mandla P, Bulawayo.

I say no to tribalism. All workers at Beitbridge, Vic Falls Plumtree boarder post are shonas. Where are the venda, the kalanga and the tonga people living in these areas? –Njaandakulwa Mavuunaakulya, Johannesburg.

Only fools can believe that captain Morgan is a stooge of the west. Hoza Morgan, hamba Mugabe. – Jozi

Mugabe is a puppet of his Zanu (PF) people who fear his retirement will see their own skeletons in their closets paraded. They want him for protection. It is believed that some time in 2008 mdara had accepted Tsvangirai’s victory and wanted to hand over power to him, only to be advised against it by his insecure colleagues. –James, Marondera.

Our chief is not doing well in Plumtree. How can one be drunk everyday? Uzathetha nini amacala. Ngeke akhitshe na isikhundla. –Sinikiwe Omunye, South Africa.

Who can explain where road toll fees are going? If we still have ministry of roads, can one official from their office travel to Gokwe via Empress mine from Kadoma. –John Sibenge, South Africa.

If the NATO forces really intervened into the Libyan crisis because of the genuine concern for human rights abuse and not the country’s riches, then I feel they should do the same in Zimbabwe. Mugabe has proved to be one Gaddafi who has violated human rights for far too long. The UN security council has to act. Maybe in the past years there was nothing in Zimbabwe to motivate them. Now the discovery of diamonds may drive them in. Mugabe better watch out. –Andrew, Harare.

The so-called GNU failed to encounter the needs of the majority. Only elections will be the road to development. From the beginning it was already doomed by Mugabe and his hardliners. It has now outlived its usefulness. –Gwats, Cape Town.

I am shocked by Major Mhandu who claims to be Chief Negomo’s guard when he is grandfather to him. How can a grandparent be a guard to his nephew? Mhandu vane hushe hwavo hwaMakope kana vatoita jinda ngavatoita jinda raChief Chiweshe nekuti ndiye mukuru kwete Negomo. Uye Negomo haadye mapadza epasi ndezvaGwagwadza weshumba. –Douglas Mukonzi, Botswana.

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