Junior officers elbowed out of ZRP school

Senior police officers here have been accused of trying to elbow juniors’ children out of the ZRP-owned Ross Camp primary school.

The school is among the five best performing in this province, creating a scramble for enrolment among both the police officers and members of the public.

Junior officers this week accused their seniors of using their wives to frustrate them out of the school.

“The ZRP women’s network, formerly known as Kuyedza, is being used to further the senior officers’ agenda,” said a junior cop.

“These women seem to have found a gold mine and are coming up with outrageous demands. Last term they introduced new uniforms at exorbitant prices, knowing that the under-paid junior officers would not afford them. A school hat costs $2 at other shops, but these women charge $10.”

Police schools are supposed to give first enrolment preference to members’ offspring, but Ross Camp is said to favour those with more money.

“We are forced to buy kit from the network, which is led by wives of senior police officers and war veterans,” said another junior officer.

“They are now trying to do here what they are doing to the ZRP boarding school, where only children of senior police officers and their super-rich friends are enrolled, yet we are still paying for the school’s construction.”

Police refused to comment to The Zimbabwean.

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