‘Lethal’ prison cells

Suspects on remand at the Barbourfields Police Station have complained that conditions are so dire in the cells that they fear for their lives.

Three inmates who were released on bail told The Zimbabwean that cells were shared by seven people and there was no water and an open toilet that was flushed with a bucket every two days.

“If you stay there too long, you will get disease and die,” said one previous inmate, Jonson Ndou. Among the problems identified by the former inmates are the missing of young and old prisoners, the lack of showering facilities, overcrowding, lack of treatment when prisoners are ill and starvation.

“I was only held for two days, but this must be a warning to others,” Ndou said. “If you are arrested and there is a delay in your case, your risk at Barbourfields is lethal.“

He said that aside from conditions in the cell, police had treated him with courtesy, and released him promptly when they realised he was innocent.

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