Local Government Report Card

“Participation is the meaningful involvement of citizens at every level of decision making in central or local government”. R.G Mugabe 1999, speaking at a function hosted by the Rural district councils Association of Zimbabwe

The above statement is reflective of one tenet of good governance, which enhances good decision making which culminates into effective and efficient service delivery at local level. It is against this background that we ask ourselves this question: are we as residents being involved, do we have leaders who are committed to the achievement our socio-economic needs?

These and all other questions we might. These will be answered every Monday when we release our weekly local government score card which will analyze the performance of local government players. For long a time we have had public officials whose portfolios have gone unchecked in terms of performances and this is the gap that we intend to cover.

Parallel to that, the research and information department will be also be running community report cards which will focus on councilors, District administrators and other service providers. The rationale behind this arrangement is to create platforms that allow for public accountability amongst public officials.


This process is open to the public to email their views on what they think the following local government players performed in 2011:

 The Minister of Local Government Rural and Urban Development

 Deputy Minister of Local government Rural and Urban Development

 Mayor of Harare city council

 Deputy Mayor of Harare City Council

 Departmental Heads of Harare city council

Meanwhile, on the 7th-9th of February, the Association’s Ward leadership will be going on a Capacity Building Retreat with the City officials. The meeting will focus on discussions for Service Charter which shall be agreed between residents and the City of Harare and other pertinent issues affecting the City. The service charter is a dual declaration that is made between a service provider and the service recipients. Usually it boarders around one’s commitment to provide a service and the latter’s commitment to pay for the service. However there are certain agreed conditions that regulate this marriage.

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