Look at ANC’s mining policy

EDITOR - The African National Congress told the recent conference on investing in African mining that it will not nationalise the country’s mines.

“We have consistently maintained that nationalisation is not the policy either of government or the ruling party,” said Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu.

Nationalisation is not a viable policy for South Africa and if adopted it would lead to a near-collapse in foreign investment. Shabangu instead proposed a tax shake-up including a 50 percent tax on mining “super profits” that will go to improve the economy and create jobs.

In our country Zanu (PF) calling for the take-over of our resources in order to place them into the hands of a few party faithful who will run them for their own personal gain.

They should sit down and analyse the ANC’s position – which is a reflection that the party has the interests of the people of South Africa at heart.

ANC wants to create jobs, jobs and more jobs for its people unlike Zanu (PF), which wants to create more unemployment and more hardships for the people of Zimbabwe and more wealth for its few corrupt and filthy rich individuals. – Agrippa Zvomuya, Harare

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