Matsito to break three-year silence

Tedious Matsito is set to release his latest Sungura album, a development which will see the Ngwenya Brothers breaking a three-year silence following the fatal accident which killed some band members and destroyed their equipment.

From left Minister Shamu and Tedious Matsito of Ngwenya brothers.
From left Minister Shamu and Tedious Matsito of Ngwenya brothers.

In a recent interview Matsito said the six-track album would be ready by June and feature hit songs like “Mabasa,” “Hondo Yemari” and “Kurongerana” .

“Hondo Yemari” chronicles the struggles by Zimbabweans in their day to day efforts to earn a living in this multi-currency regime since the dollarization of the economy.

In “Mabasa” the Matsito says the song refers to the consequences and troubles related with jealousy and envy in the society while Kurongerana seeks to capture unforeseen events like the accident that nearly claimed his life.

The “Kurongerana” song also advises people to make hay while the sun shines so that parents can leave property behind for their children because death comes unknowingly.

“The accident caused us to starve our fans for three years, but now we are coming back with vigour,”Matsito said.

He bemoaned piracy as the chief culprit in the music industry causing untold suffering for artists who rely on royalties from their marketers such as the Zimbabwe Music Corporation.

“Piracy has made our livelihoods a hard ground because nothing much is coming from ZMC,” he said. The latest album will be his 22nd in a career spanning over two decades.

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