Militia jailed for rape

Notorious Zanu (PF) militia and ward youth leader, William Muranganwa, from village 17 Marondera East Rural was this week sentenced to seven years in jail for raping a mentally handicapped villager, 29-year-old Manzweyi Hanyire Mukunyayidze.

Muranganwa was accused of raping the victim at a grassy area around the village in August last year. He was caught by a fellow villager, David Bhunu. Mukunyayidze was unable to give evidence in the magistrates’ court due to her mental handicap.

Passing sentence, Magistrate Mavis Kudumba said that the accused’s luck had run out.

“Although the complainant could not give her account of what transpired on the day in question, evidence given by state witnesses proved beyond reasonable doubt that you, William Muranganwa, committed the crime. You thought that since the complainant was mentally challenged, you could get away with the rape, but your luck has run out.”

She went on to say that the mentally handicapped needed to be protected from abuse.

“Unfortunately culprits like you continue to endanger the lives of vulnerable women through forced transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Although you are a young offender, the crime you committed calls for a lengthy custodial sentence.”

The 27-year-old was sentenced to 10 years in jail, three of which were suspended for five years.

Police sources said the convict was arrested 2006 for raping a juvenile from village 7, but was released under unclear circumstances. He was later arrested in 2008 for beating up suspected MDC activists. Muranganwa is one of the Zanu (PF) militia gang leaders who championed the 2008 political violence against MDC supporters.

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