MP defies odds to meet expectations of restive electorate

MDC-T MP for Marondera Central, Iain Kay, has worked hard to deliver services to his highly expectant electorate, despite working in one of the most politically polarised and volatile constituencies.

George Wasu: “I did not vote for Kay but want him to represent my interests in Parliament.”
George Wasu: “I did not vote for Kay but want him to represent my interests in Parliament.”

Kay represents a predominately MDC constituency that is also home to pockets of militant Zanu (PF) followers who engage in sporadic disruption of development projects. The battle-hardened legislator told The Zimbabwean how he manages, given the huge challenges.

“I hope everyone would appreciate that Marondera is a Zanu (PF) hotbed and the former ruling party would do everything possible to frustrate our efforts to develop the town. For any developmental initiative to be meaningful there must be a two-way communication system between leadership and the intended beneficiaries. People should be involved in the identification process of projects.

“Some people in my constituency were intimidated against attending developmental meetings by officials from our political rivals. But I have managed to dodge the frustrations and carried out tangible developmental projects on the ground. I have also reached the targeted beneficiaries – some of them die-hard Zanu (PF) activists.”

Kay’s humanitarian achievements include providing wheelchairs to disabled members of the community across the political divide. Many of his development projects have faced stiff resistance and sabotage from some quarters. But all have seen the light of the day regardless. Projects included rehabilitating infrastructure at public places such as bus termini, clinics and schools, rehabilitating public toilets around town, providing generators and water tanks at clinics in Dombotombo, Nyameni and the General Hospital.

“High levels of unemployment among the community are of concern for me. Though the problem could be better solved at central government level, I am meeting with the business community to find how best we can tackle the problem,” said Kay.

“As a nation I strongly believe we should practice tolerant politics and direct our energies towards economic and social development for the benefit of all, despite different political beliefs. As government we should work as a team.” He said the nation’s problems could be overcome if the GPA partners were sincere to their swearing in promises under oath that they would serve the nation diligently to the best of their ability, and preach and practice political tolerance.

“Those who frustrate developmental initiatives should be made accountable. The onus to initiate and protect national development also lies with everyone across the political divide,” he said.

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