Mugabe celebrations end

President Robert Mugabe’s rollercoaster of celebrations will end on Saturday in Chipinge a town where the isolated leader is held in very low esteem because of his discarding of Zanu founding father Ndabaningi Sithole during the war of independence.


After the 21st Movement an organization named after his birthday organized celebrations for the frail and aged leader with a cocktail of merriment that included a beauty pageant, a soccer tournament and a birthday party in the potholed city of Mutare, Mugabe will be honoured by a music gala in an isolated town that has been abandoned by the vindictive Zanu PF leader simply because it’s a perpetual nightmare during every election.

Zanu Ndonga a party that was formed by Sithole who hailed from Chipinge and who has now been banished to memory dustbins by Mugabe and his praise singers want the bash to be held elsewhere but they will not succeed because Mugabe’s overzealous supporters have been milking dry hungry peasants to contribute to the wild celebrations that are being held at a time when the country is struggling to provide health care and food to its cowed citizens.

Representatives of Zanu Ndonga had the people of Chipinge been asked to vote they would have voted against the bash notwistanding the glittering line-up of music superstars who will sing for Mugabe.

Chairperson of Zanu Ndonga, Reketai Mushiwokufa Semwayo said that while Mugabe can have his party wherever he feels like the choice of Chipinge is an insult.

“To be Zimbabwe today it is because of Ndabaningi Sithole. The party that there are having today has come from Zanu which came from Sithole, but the way they treated Sithole is not fair they should appreciate that Zanu Ndonga played a part to have this bash,” said Semwayo.

“We are not happy at all because in their bash they forget the fact that we had Ndabaningi Sithole their leader who they threw away at Freedom Farm. They should take their bash to Zvimba, we are actually shocked that they are coming to our base when they threw away their founding father,” said Samweya.

Commenting on the same issue Claris Madhuku leader of a Chipinge pressure group Platform for Youth in Development (PYD) said that the bash is a shocker.

“If you understand the history of Manicaland and in particular Chipinge it has been consistently opposing President Mugabe and his rule I am sure that half of the population will not be interested and will only look,” said Madhuku.

“People in Manicaland are still not happy by the fact that our leader Sithole died a bitter man after what Mugabe did to him. His bash is actually an insult to the people and it makes people angry,” added Madhuku.

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