Police disperse WOZA demonstrators

Police in Harare dispersed members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) who were peacefully demonstrating on Valentine’s Day.

“What we are saying is let’s give love to those who deserve it. As women it is our right to love and be loved. We are giving flowers to people including those in Parliament to show that we are always loving despite the fact that the authorities don’t want to reciprocate our love,” said Jenni Williams.

The women whose demonstration had seen them congregating near the Anglican Cathedral near Parliament Building was thwarted by alert riot policemen who came armed with baton sticks and tear-gas canisters.

“It’s surprising how these people are always on the look out to thwart our activities. We were singing love and solidarity songs to encourage peace during the constitution making process and to discourage all forms of violence prior to elections,” said a participant who declined to be named.

Journalists who were trying to take pictures of the activists were forced to run away for security as the police began to beat anyone within the demonstrators vicinity. The people immediately condemned the police’s heavy-handedness in dealing with such issues.

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