Pornography on the street corner

There has been outrage over the availability of pornographic material on the streets of the capital.

Stalls selling adult movies have increased over the last few years, with vendors claiming a high demand for the material from young people.

“Young people now want pornographic films and even married men ask for the discs. We are simply responding to that demand,” said one vendor.

The vendors explained that the films were marketed as romantic movies in order to cover their tracks.

“I make about $45 a day and when we are arrested we usually bribe the police officer with five dollars or pay $20 as a fine, we do not go to court,” he said.

In Zimbabwe, distributing pornography is illegal and is a punishable offence. Parents are complaining that vendors are selling the material to children.

“My 13-year-old son told me that he bought the films in town on his way home from school. I do not understand these vendors, how can they sell pornography to underage children? They do not care as long as they make money, but they are destroying the innocence of our children,” said one concerned parent.

Another parent complained that the authorities were doing nothing to deal with the problem.

“Vending in the City Centre is illegal, selling pirated discs is a crime and distributing pornographic material is against the law but nothing is being done about it,” said a local man.

A municipal police officer, who requested anonymity, said most vendors were arrested on piracy charges and, in some cases, the police confiscated the disc, but no charges were laid.

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