Public Service must address ghost workers- Parliament

Parliament has mandated the public service commission to address the issue of ghost workers so that the matter of civil servants salaries can be resolved.

Member of Parliament for Mbizo, Settlement Chikwinya .
Member of Parliament for Mbizo, Settlement Chikwinya .

Debating the notion in Parliament yesterday, the parliamentarians said the audited report for ghost workers was way over due and must be presented in parliament as quickly as possible.

“The issue of ghost workers was audited three years ago and up to now we have not yet received any report. A lot of money was invested in the project yet the report has not yet yield any results,” said the parliamentarians.

The parliamentarians believe that the issue of ghost workers who are getting US$75 million from the government is a mere political gimmick in which the politicians and the party involved is redirecting the money which might benefit the whole country and the deserving work force for political campaigns.

Member of Parliament for Mbizo, Settlement Chikwinya argued the notion saying that ghost workers were created in government as political campaigning tools and their existence in government offices reveals total corruption in government.

“In 2007, it was recorded that 3 500 workers were employed by government and the major reason why these people were employed was that this period was the period of political turmoil. The party in government saw it fit to use the public service funds as a campaigning tool for their members and for them to carry out their political activities while campaigning for the party at the same time being paid by the government. These people up to this day continue to occupy government positions,” said Chikwinya.

He added that, “Because of misgovernance in the government, we ended up having a large number of employees in government which are not being accounted for because there are some people who occupy multiple positions. Although the audit drew large amounts of money from the fiscus, the results were associated with corruption within the public service as a result of these people is being employed.”

According to Chikwinya ghost workers are workers who do not even exist but there are being paid from the fiscus money.

I don’t think the country will develop if it can afford a pay rise for a person who does virtually nothing. I have more than ten people in my constituency who work wake up every day and do their own work but at the end of the month get paid by the government yet they are doing nothing for this country.

We have to reward those people who are working by getting rid of the ghost workers.

The Public Service Commission as it is saying should submit audited report to the House of Assembly.

Recognising that the Public Service is facing challenges with remuneration for its workers the audited results must be brought to house.

“The results must be brought the house so that the nation can work towards service rewards.

The period of 2008 before the inception of the inclusive government was a period of uncertainties. Within this regard most of the skilled labour migrated to other countries in search of better remunerations.

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