The Hub helps women in Masvingo

Local businessman and Zanu (PF) Secretary for Economic Affairs for the province, Joasib Omar, has launched an empowerment project in the province as part of uplifting the people in the province

The project entitled The Hub has about 700 members. “It is pointless to try and operate a business when people are poor. It is wise to empower them first. We are organizing people to have unity of purpose. For our country to grow we must have unity, let us not be divided. We need to kick-start our economy,” said Omar.

The fund has paid particular attention to the role of women and had financed them in a number of projects

“Women play a very important role, in the family and also for the economy,” said Omar.

Amai Beula Mutati who is the Chairperson of Women in Mining in Masvingo said Omar had brought a change for the better to the lives of many women by empowering them with grants. “The Hub project is a blessing to women in Masvingo. Mr Omar provided us with a compressor to use at our mine, and our children have been empowered into sewing and other projects,” she said.

Amai Evangeline Mahlahla said Omar had constructed flea markets in the town.

“The project is apolitical and we are happy that duty has been slashed on clothes and its going to be an advantage to us. Omar has shown that he has people at heart.”

Attempts by Zanu PF candidates to buy loyalty through the indigenisation programme hit a snag in Masvingo Urban this week after the residents of the ancient city snubbed a purported empowerment scheme spearheaded by senior party politicians.

The MP for the area is Hon. Tongai Matutu who is also the MDC Masvingo provincial secretary.

The aspiring Zanu PF candidate for Masvingo Urban, Omar Josbi has introduced a controversial empowerment programme under an organisation called the Hub Private Limited. Under the scheme, residents would be allocated stalls to operate flea markets but the residents in the city snubbed the whole idea saying it was an election ploy meant to spruce up the Zanu PF’s tattered image.

Tendai Gata, a local flea market operator and MDC supporter dismissed the whole scheme as a ploy to hoodwink the electorate.

“The whole issue is a fiasco because this is a clever way of milking residents of their hard earned money. If we join the programme we will be virtually financing

Zanu PF because people are being asked to pay a token of appreciation,” said Gata.

It was observed that the stalls were virtually deserted this week, despite repeated appeals from the Zanu PF leadership to convince local residents to join the programme.

Another flea market operator in Tapiwa Chideya said the latest gimmick from Zanu PF reflected the desperate measures in the former ruling party.

“Zanu PF is desperate to salvage its waning political image and the party is trying to fleece the electorate into believing they would be empowered – yet they will be used by the party. That is the norm and we are unwilling to be used to champion the Zanu PF cause,” said Chideya.

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