The peoples’ verdict: Hardworking, accountable, non-partisan

Ordinary residents from Marondera Central expressed mixed reactions regarding execution of official duty by Kay though there was consensus that he was hard working, accountable and carried out his mandate in a non partisan manner. Naison Kamwendo, a motor mechanic, said. “I respect Kay for his developmental projects.

Anyway Tafireyi: “Our MP must stand by the struggling grassroots and be more representative in Parliament.”
Anyway Tafireyi: “Our MP must stand by the struggling grassroots and be more representative in Parliament.”

I understand improved refuse collection, safe water, roads maintenance and better service at clinics were mainly his initiative. His Constituency Development Projects helped to make life bearable for the generality of the community. My only worry is that unlike before he came into office, he hardly meets ordinary people any more. I cannot remember when I last met him at a public function.

“As an informal tradesman I would expect the MP to visit both residential and industrial areas assessing how people were making ends meet. He would take the opportunity to update us about political, social and economic developments around the country.”

Anyway Tafireyi, another Marondera resident, said he had voted for Kay and found him “a selfless legislator who sourced a power transformer for residents of Rujeko before he became MP”.

“He was among the few MPs who carried out the Constituency Development Projects through a stakeholders committee. Transparency and accountability were evident and projects met the expectations of residents across the political divide,” said Tafireyi. He said Kay should organise regular development meetings with residents across the political divide. “He should be more visible on the ground for him to appreciate aspirations of the electorate. I feel he should be resident here.

There is no room for mobile phone legislatures in this modern life. “Our MP should be more active in Parliament through vibrant expression of issues affecting his constituency. We expect him to propose laws which would make Marondera a better place to live. “The MP makes a significant number of donations to the community and continues to implement valuable developmental projects which go unnoticed. Kay seems seems uninterested in publicity and hands-over finished projects to the community privately. His secret conduct of business renders his efforts vulnerable to hijacking by unscrupulous and failed leadership elsewhere.”

Another resident who admitted not voting Kay into office, George Wasu said. “Though Kay did not get my vote, I expect him to represent me meaningfully in Parliament. He should help lobby for political tolerance and improve his interaction with members from his constituency. Honestly speaking, I feel Kay should do better as MP. If his developmental projects in the constituency are anything to go by, next elections he might get my vote.

“In the last election I did not vote Kay as I was made to believe that whites would never represent interests of the black majority. Kay has proved otherwise. His interaction with residents should not be influenced by politics since developmental projects should benefit all and sundry. I however appreciate that his life would be at risk should he meet supporters from rival parties without the blessing of their leadership.”

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