Together we can stop the violence

A group of Zimbabweans has launched a campaign to stop the violence in our country. We commend their efforts to bring peace to our troubled land.

Anyone who has been attacked by anybody, regardless of political affiliation, should fill in the form, which can be downloaded from our website, and send it on to the human rights lawyers concerned. A copy will be printed in this newspaper next week.

It is quite clear that those charged with the responsibility of maintaining law and order have abrogated that responsibility.

For example, hordes of thugs roam the streets of Mbare with impunity, beating up people, extorting money and goods and generally causing mayhem. This situation has prevailed for months and appears to be escalating. The police are unwilling or incapable of doing anything to stop it.

It is also evident that the police are unable or unwilling to solve a number of serious crimes. For example, the evidence presented at the inquest into the death of the late General Solomon Mujuru exposed a catalogue of blunders that led to the contamination of the crime scene.

From the evidence given it will be almost impossible to determine how Mujuru died. Why investigators allowed the crime scene to be contaminated by people walking through and destroying evidence is a question on many people’s lips. Was it a deliberate attempt to destroy evidence, or was it sheer incompetence? We will never know.

Political murderers continue to roam the streets despite there being irrefutable evidence of their crimes. Joseph Mwale is just one example. He murdered two MDC activists in front of witnesses. Despite a court order for the police to arrest him and bring him to justice, the man is still in the employ of the CIO.

It is important for people to fill in the forms so that an accurate record is kept for the day when true national healing and reconciliation can begin. Only when that happens can Zimbabweans move forward. This is a better option than revenge. As the saying goes: An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.

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