Un-civil servants must go

We carry a very disturbing report in this issue about a senior civil servant who has instructed the underlings in his province to sabotage MDC programmes meant to benefit the people.

His reasons for doing so are that the MDC should not be allowed to succeed as this would help that party gain an electoral advantage over Zanu (PF).

Civil servants must not meddle in politics. They are not elected by anyone. They are paid from the public purse – our taxes. This arrogant civil servant thinks he is accountable only to his political master, the Minister of Local Government, Ignatius Chombo, who has made it his business to disrupt councils led by the MDC.

The projects that are being sabotaged uplift the standard of life of the people. This clearly shows the contempt in which Zanu (PF) and its acolytes hold the ordinary people of Zimbabwe. They underestimate the intelligence and sophistication of the people at their peril. Everybody knows that Zimbabwe was on its knees when the GPA was signed – hyper-inflation, hospitals that were nothing more than places where people went to die, schools that had no books and perpetually striking teachers, empty supermarket shelves.

In a matter of weeks after the formation of the so-called Government of National Unity the country was back on its feet. However, the infrastructure, that had been neglected for many years while all available resources were plundered by the government of the day and its favoured few, has still not been fully rehabilitated. This has led to outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and other preventable diseases.

Everybody knows who is responsible for that rot.

Provincial Administrator Cuthbert Ndarukwa has taken it upon himself to decide who should benefit from development programmes and who won’t. It is therefore imperative that the Constitution clearly stipulates that civil servants be apolitical. They should serve the people – not lord it over them. Unfortunately most of our civil servants are neither civil, nor do they regard themselves as servants of the people. This has to change.

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