Vapostori forced to wear Zanu (PF) regalia

Church leaders of the Johanne Masove Vechishanu Apostolic sect in Bulawayo have ordered church members to wear Zanu (PF) white T-shirts during church services until after the elections which are expected sometime this year.

Johanne Masove Vechishanu Apostolic members
Johanne Masove Vechishanu Apostolic members

The members of the sect wear white garb during prayer sessions. In an interview with the Zimbabwean, the church members said they were shocked last Sunday when one of the church leaders, Mudziidzi (Prophet) Lovemore Kuretu announced the church’s new dressing code at a church service in Sizinda high density suburb.

“ Mudziidzi Kuretu said the church is in the process of securing white Zanu (PF) T-shirts from the party’s commissariat department which members are going to put on during prayer sessions. He also said every church member should be a registered voter and should make sure that Zanu (PF) wins the next elections,” said a church member who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

Another church member who also refused to be named accused the church leaders of politicising the church as well as compromising the church’s founding principles.

“If the T-shirts which we are going to be given are plain, I do not have any problems with it but I have serious reservations with political party regalia being brought in churches .I have been a member of this church for more than 40 years and the culture and tradition of the church has been white garb which is a symbol of purity,” he said.

The member said he would rather quit the church than wear Zanu (PF) T-shirts. When reached for comment Kuretu admitted that he is a Zanu (PF) activist but denied issuing the directive to church members “I was only suggesting that Zanu (PF) supporters who are members of the church were free to put on party white T-shirts during church sessions. Tell me what is wrong with that,” he said.

Asked if MDC church members were also allowed the same privilege, Kuretu said, “You are now talking politics” before terminating the conversation.

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