Zanu ‘puppet’ hails his master

Zanu (PF) youth secretary Absolom Sikhosana’s praise singing
at a presidential birthday bash at
 the weekend provided an insight into the mechanisms of the party.

 Absolom Sikhosana
Absolom Sikhosana

The 63-year-old youth leader told the ageing Zanu (PF) president that all
of the party’s officials were his puppets and were more than willing to be parrots of
his ideas.

“We never say anything of our own. We always tell the people what you
want us to say about homosexuality, sanctions, violence and other
issues,” Sikhosana told Mugabe.

Analysts said Sikhosana’s utterances were quite revealing, especially 
coming from the party who accuses the MDC-T of being made up
 of puppets of the West.
Mugabe himself has labelled anyone who dares question his leadership
style or policies a ‘puppet of imperialists’. “Such utterances prove true the theory that one only sees in others
what he/she is guilty of. Zanu (PF) is, in fact, a party of puppets and they all
 realise it,” said political
analyst, Donald Porusingazi.“ Sikhosana inadvertently told the world that Zanu (PF) officials 
are prisoners in their own party and afraid to speak their minds.”

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