A few questions: Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 3rd March 2012

Zimbabweans in the UK who heard about the low-key visit by ICT Minister Nelson Chamisa were puzzled to be told by the organisers to ‘ask no questions’.

Vigil supporters had a few questions of their own following Chamisa’s visit.
Vigil supporters had a few questions of their own following Chamisa’s visit.

Chamisa accompanied Tsvangirai and Biti to a conference in Johannesburg to drum up investment in Zimbabwe: ‘Everything’s wonderful or is going to be’ was the message. Perhaps disappointed by the take-up, he came straight on to Birmingham for a fundraising trip. But the vigil was puzzled at the instruction to MDC UK members: ‘No questions for the minister responsible for information and communications’.

MDC members might be prevented from asking questions but here are a few from the Vigil: Does MrChamisathink that any investor in his right mind will risk his money in Zimbabwe given the lunatic indigenization proposals? (however ‘wonderful’ the opportunities?).

Here’s another question: What did the Prime Minister mean when he told the Wall Street Journal of his discussions with Mugabe: ‘It’s a conversation between two people who have worked three years together for the good of their country?

Mugabe working for the good of his country? ‘Murder, rape and torture’, as our banner reads – good for the country? Poverty, starvation and disease – good for the country?Corruption, looting and lawlessness – good for the country?

In brief, Mugabe – Syrian slaughter supporter – good for Zimbabwe? The Vigil thinks MrTsvangirai should seek advice from his information and communications people . . . or perhaps not!

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