Chombo’s revival team double dipping

EDITOR - I was shocked to read in The Herald of 13 March 2012 that the Fungai Mbetsa , chairman of the so-calledChitungwiza Revival Team appointed by


Ignatius Chombo, admitted that in addition to a monthly allowance of $12 000 approved for him by Chombo, he also gets $4 000, even though his hotel accommodation is paid for. The least paid member of that committee earns $10 000!

Firstly, Mbetsa must be arrested for double dipping. Why is he taking another $4 000 a month from council when the same council is paying him $12 000 per month as directed by Chombo. The committee must stick to the amounts prescribed by Chombo, and if it is found that they took an extra cent from the same council, they must all be arrested immediately.

The second worrying question is who approved such large payments from a bankrupt council? Was it Chombo alone, or it was a cabinet decision? Surely, something is wrong somewhere. My suspicion is that Chombo is firing MD- led councils in order to reward his friends in Zanu (PF). The backgrounds of the members who make up this committee must be investigated, and it will not be a surprise that they all belong to Zanu (PF). An investigation must be carried out, and if Chombo is found to have been unreasonable in reaching such large figures, or not consulted other stake holders, he should be arrested, and President Mugabe should fire him.

In the case of Mbetsa, who has publicly confirmed double-dipping, I hope Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri will be very quick to investigate with the same zeal that he investigated Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for a loan authorised by Mugabe. I hope the Anti-Corruption Commission will be quick to act too. – Benjamin Chitate, New Zealand

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