C.o.H launches Anti-litter Campaign

The CHRA welcomes the move by the Harare City Council to launch an anti-littering campaign at fourth street bus terminus in a bid to raise awareness and educate residents on basic waste management practices. The Mayor of Harare Muchadeyi Masunda, Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi, Director of Waste management Mr Chibanda, the City of Harare environment Committee and the Combined Harare Residents Association were part of the campaign team. The campaign was also supported by Environmental Management Agenc


The campaign mainly focused on the three R’s which are; Reduce, Recycle and Reuse as the panacea to the current waste management challenges bedevilling the City. However, vendors, touts and commuter omnibus operators highlighted that the city fathers must cease harassing vendors and provide more vending stalls to reduce indiscriminate littering. The programme came at a time when the city of Harare has been grappling with waste management challenges which have been linked to the current diarrheal disease outbreaks in most high density suburbs were huge dumpsites are emerging.

On the sidelines of the campaign Environmentalists reiterated that the challenges of waste management were caused by lack of education, awareness and uncoordinated efforts from stakeholders and development agencies. Meanwhile the Combined Harare Residents Association recommends that the City of Harare increase spending on service delivery as a way to curb disease outbreaks in communities especially on the area of refuse collection, water supply and local clinics.


Sunningdale residents have cried foul on the current ZESA blitz which aims at disconnecting defaulters. At least 300 residents had their electricity supply cut over the weekend owing to debts that they owe ZESA. However, the local (CHRA) committee in Sunningdale has expressed deep concern on the way ZESA is conducting this operation. Reports are that ZESA is disconnecting everyone with or without a payment plan. Residents have reported that they visited ZESA offices to negotiate payment plans which they got, but now ZESA is breaching the agreement simply by cutting off power supply. CHRA contacted Mr. F. Gwasira, the ZESA public relation officer who urged affected residents (Who already had made payment plans) to contact their local ZESA offices and report the anomaly. ZESA should be in a position to reconnect these households without failure.

When electricity is cut off, ZESA goes further to remove the power meter thereafter demanding electricity reconnection fees and an installation fee for the meter. We urge ZESA to be efficient in their operation and communicate effectively with residents and give a 7 day notice as was said by the Minister of Energy, Hon E. Mangoma.

Quote of the day

By Abraham Lincoln

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.

CHRA remains committed to good-local governance practised on non partisan basis

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