Good ideas, but badly implemented

EDITOR - I am not affiliated to any political party in Zimbabwe. However, I welcome positive ideas from various political formations that will bring about economic sustainability and development in my country.

For years now, President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) government have been riding roughshod over everyone, dismantling our country one piece at a time. They spew venom against those who disagree with them. Yet, the opposition parties remain inept and disorganised. Being in opposition politics doesn’t necessarily mean working against the government, sometimes you offer alternatives on the shortcomings of the government.

Land is a national treasure. Giving land to the masses was a great idea, but lack of prior planning and long term thinking turnedit into a disaster. Similarly, the 51% black business ownership is a noble idea with misplaced intentions. Such policies aredesigned to benefit the people of Zimbabwe to alleviate poverty in communities, not merely to fill political quotas. In another move,the government has banned the exports of chrome ore, but due to lack of smelting capacity huge piles have built up.

It also wants Zimplats to stop raw platinum exports and refine it in the country. We need to give people skills and build refineries first, before we start taking over businesses.

On one hand, the MDC Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is furiously campaigning against the 51% black business ownership. He should rather find a way of making it work to our advantage. Black economic empowerment must not be a subject spoken in hushed voices. Avarice and greed has turned good ideas into political gimmickry.

We need leaders who will offer solutions to these and other pressing issues – not lunatics who brag about how they have beaten death more than Jesus Christ. – Amos Mutale, South Africa

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