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EDITOR - I don’t get your paper very often, as I live outside Chipinge, but I congratulate you on your stories. In the edition of 21 March 2012, you mentioned

Bata’s problems caused by cheap Chinese imports.

There was a story a while ago that very cheap sandals were being sold in Chipinge. They lasted about one week. When customers complained, the Chinese supplier said with surprise that these were “shoes for the dead”. It is apparently the custom in China to bury their people with shoes on – so the quality is not important as they don’t walk far. But Zimbabweans were not told this when they bought the shoes.

Where are our hides?Meat is still fairly plentiful – at least in our area. What happens to the hides of slaughtered cattle, sheep, goats or pigs? Why should we have to import raw materials?

I always visit Bata before I go elsewhere when I need shoes, but they don’t have quality leather shoes any more. I think many people would be prepared to pay a little more for shoes that last and are good for our feet. Come on Bata! – H.N. Wynne, Chipinge

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