IT company leads the way

Frampol is an IT and Internet Service Provider based in Msasa that is working hard to clean up the country.

Planting trees in the capital.
Planting trees in the capital.

Five years after the company was founded in 2004, the ‘Helping Zimbabwe’ initiative started was launched to fulfill part of Frampol’s corporate social responsibility programme. Since then, the initiative has become a registered NGO.

“When the initiative first started, we planted about four trees,” said Simba Mwaingeni, who continues to manage the operations of HZ today. The trees were planted outside the company premises in Msasa, one representing each year of Frampol’s existence. Since then, the project has grown exponentially, taking over Frampol’s entire advertising budget, and more.

To date, the company has planted 2500 indigenous shade and fruit trees, repaired 370 potholes, created two tonnes of compost, collected 23 tonnes of litter, recycled 2,800 kg’s of tin cans, and created jobs for eight people.

More recently, Neil Padmore (CEO of Frampol) made this remark regarding the project: “Perhaps companies should consider replacing traditional bill board advertising with company initiated community projects. This model leads by example, fosters trust within customers, and says much about the quality of service the company is capable of delivering in their respective industries.”

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