Its your country

Put people first

Some ministers are not representing their people well in Parliament; they have even forgotten who they represent. We need people who know that people come first; they need to value the voices of the people and represent them. It is them who need to be represented. –George Godo, Chitungwiza.

News from Byo

An amateur thief was caught in the act of stealing broiler chickens by two youths who were coming from a church all-night prayer meeting in the early hours of Saturday morning. – Luveve, Byo

A five-year-old girl was seriously burnt after she mistakenly pushed a 20lt bucket full of boiling water from the stove and the water poured back at her. – Luveve, Byo

We won’t vote

We need free and fair elections that are violence free for the first time in this country. If Zanu(PF) continues to cheat next time we will not vote because they will be making fools out of the people. –Peter, Mutoko.

Free the press

Zimbabwe Media Commission should advocate for freedom of the press in Zimbabwe. Newspapers and radio stations who wish to operate in the country should be given licence so that Zimbabwean people are represented and given a voice by the media. –Josh.

Investigate CABS

The loans meant for the youth dubbed Kurera given through CABS bank should be investigated.

They have called for thousands of youth to come and apply for a bank account and they were robbed of $10 deposit monies.

Youth flocked to CABS to apply for loans and they have never been dished out since January. Many have received regret letters while others have not received any replies. We need to know what is happening. –Ian T, Kwekwe.

Leave us in peace

Police roadblocks are becoming a pain in the back for motorists. Travelling is becoming a pain with too much police road blocks. May ZRP please leave the motorist in peace? –Kenneth S, Mutare.

Strip them

Corrupt Ministers should be punished and stripped off their posts. What kind of a picture are they showing to the people? Ministers should be people who lead by example and idols of the people.

Being corrupt is not the ideal behaviour we want from our representatives. –Edson Mandenga, Belvedere.

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