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Fines must go

We welcome the call by ministers for spot fines on motorists to go. That money has for long been abused by the police. I would rather pay a fine at the central office and know that it has been accounted for than pay it to a corrupt policeman who will probably pocket it. – Farai P, Harare.

Send observers

May the international community send independent observers who will not be biased to call elections free and fair when they are not? We need the truth about

Zimbabwe and Mugabe be told. Everyone knows he cheated the last election, people were victimised for voting for other candidates but still there was no intervention. Does America and its allied forces only intervene where there are interests, they didn’t take long to intervene in Libya, what about dear Zimbabwe? We hope the Chiadzwa Diamond field will woo them to intervene this time around. – Eyecatcher.

Cut them off

The ministers who are in debt with ZESA should just face the music of being cut off. MPs should lead by example, they represent the people but now they don’t pay their electricity bills at the expense of the people they represent. The country is in debt with Mozambique and the

Zimbabwean citizens face a terrible powercut. Shame on you MPs. – Ranganai, Bindura.

Shame on SADC

SADC leaders are a shame; they bootlick Mugabe and giggle to his terrible actions and doctrines while the people of Zimbabwe suffer. – S.N, Bulawayo.

Make us proud

We need a good representative to the Big Brother Africa this year, someone who will make us proud just like Wendell did last year. He has placed Zimbabwe’s flag on the continental map and we will be recognised and respected each time we mention the name everywhere. – Karen Matimbanya, Borrowdale.

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