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How can someone use such an undisclosed amount of cash to celebrate his birthday while the majority is suffering? Mugabe is failing us only to enjoy his life at the expense of the poor. –Gwats T, Cape Town

Why send students to South Africa on presidential scholarships when we have a wide range of universities here in Zimbabwe? How can we invest our money and brains outside our borders and expect local tertiary education to grow?Mr President, are you shunning our local universities now? The millions paying fees in SA would make a difference here. – Food For Thought

Once more I urge Mugabe to step down, he is not our God, we only have one. –Njaa, Johannesburg

Rape and women, page 14 of Volume 8 No 8. The state with its ruthless machinery is indirectly responsible for the impunity. The fact that there is no policy governing the organ of healing speaks volumes. –Jembe, Harare

We salute Lieutenant Colonel Magwizi. He is a true hero of Zimbabwe, a man we can honor and respect. What an encouraging story. More of those please. May the Lord be with you in your quest for peace. –N

Chisumbanje bio-oil a flop. With so much hype about the project, the government thought it would bring development without the participation of all stakeholders. It even turned a deaf ear on the concerns of the villagers. – Jembe, Harare

The area in Magwegwe district has been neglected for the past 32years, even the coalition government is not taking any action. The place is underdeveloped. The Arda and the irrigation scheme is really an eyesore. Something needs to be done. The area was very productive before and could feed the people in the area. It needs a lot of attention. – Anon

Would you kindly stop Shona reporters writing our Ndebele? There are too many grammatical and spelling errors. –Anon

Kezi- Drought spell persists in St Joseph’s. +263779386061

Kezi- Kuyisikhathisendlala, abantuse bethengiselwa umumbukukhangwe laukuthibanga beliphi ibandla.+263776444252

Kezi- Esibhedlelase St Joseph’s akulamanzi, lokhuso kwenza ukuthibenga lalisiizigulane.+263776444252

Kezi- EsikoloseSt Joseph’s primary abantwanase bephiwaamahe wungenxayendlala esisesigabeni.+263776444252

Kezi- Usizolokudla okadeluphiwa abaphilalegci kwaneleHIV yinhlanganiso yeGermany luphelilekulabo asebezi mukilelo banjebelo khebethola amaphilisi.+263776444252

Gwanda- Ababalisibe Matabeleland South bayakhalange malizaboezi hambezikhalange mvakokuthenji swaigrocery. Bebebhadala amaUS$10 umnyakawonke kodwabathole ama20kg rice kuphela. +263772656283

Tsholotsho- Izakhamizize Mbondweniku Ward l4 zihlangani saimaliyo kuthengaisili ndaukuze bathole amanzi.+263773935292

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