Jona at it again

EDITOR - Jona is at it again! Does he really think the people of Zimbabwe will again be caught unawares by Zanu (PF) propaganda? When has the professor become friends with Maduku? What have his jingles and strategies brought to Zimbabweans since he started spinning for Zanu PF? Bearer cheques? Workers without salaries? Closing factories? Zimbabweans flocking to other countries just to work for food? Draining Zimbabwe of skilled people? Made people poorer than we have never heard of in the histor

I would like to ask him please to leave Copac alone. He was given his chance to write a new constitution under the constitutional commission in 2000 and he failed us. We are better off without his help.

To Chief Musarurwa may I take this opportunity to remind him that kings and Chiefs (madzimambo ne Madzishe) are traditional leaders who were born with royalty. If he was given chieftainship by politicians he is worse than a civil servant. Mugabe, whose father does not have any history of royalty cannot be a King. I can be a better King than Mugabe because I am of the paramount chief Chivi clan. Listen now Chief and listen carefully, If you climb a mountain hunting for baboons, you will definitely get them. If you push people to the extent of leaving them with no option other than fight back they will do it. – Lovemore Chikandiwa, Pretoria

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