Katsande urges govt to stand against greed, corruption

The adoption of a Sustainable Development Framework by most African countries is a welcome development.

Albert Katsande - Chairman Environment Africa
Albert Katsande – Chairman Environment Africa

Renewed commitments by various governments and the huge shift in the public, private and community sectors to embrace the adoption of Green Issues as a priority for environmental sustainability complements Environment Africa’s activities.

Speaking at the AGM, Environment Africa’s Chairman, Albert Katsande, challenged government to implement effectively the laws and policies that govern sustainable development. “Our organisation is pleased with the adoption of sustainable development framework and environment issues as a cross-cutting and important issue in all sectors,” he said.

“The question that remains is whether policies and laws governing sustainable development and the environment will be implemented and adhered to. Or will they be ignored for the sake of greed and be sidelined due to corruption?” he added.

Katsande called on the corporate sector to continue responding positively to Green Issues to promote reduction, reuse, recycling and the recovery of waste materials.

“The private sector has realized the importance of the environment and the threats to ecosystems have serious impact on business operations. Their response to adopting cleaner technologies and green investment is a positive move for a greener future,” he said.

He commended the launch of the Recycling Association, where OK Zimbabwe and TM Supermarkets, through the Retail Association of Zimbabwe, have established a Recycling Green Fund to promote a long term Green Investment Project.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe Director of Operations, Cyril Siringwani, said certified businesses recognise the importance of standards in addressing environmental issues such as waste and water management, environmental risks and optimized utilization of natural resources.

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