MDC launches booklet on minimum conditions for free and fair poll

The MDC-T has launched a document on the minimum conditions required for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe, detailing what must happen first in terms of reforms before parties to the GPA decide on a poll date.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

The booklet was launched by party President Morgan Tsvangirai at a Harare hotel on Thursday night. It comes amid heightened talk of elections in the country as principals to the GPA are expected to meet soon to decide on an election date.

Both ZANU PF and the MDC-T have upped the ante in their election rhetoric, with the former ruling party insisting they can call for an election even without a new constitution, a call the former opposition party is resisting.

Tendai Biti, the Secretary-General of the MDC-T and Finance Minister said elections should be used as a stepping stone to a sustainable, conflict free and tolerant Zimbabwe. Addressing a Zimbabwe lecture series on whether the country was ready for the next elections, Biti said the next election should be a formula to find a lasting solution to the Zimbabwe crisis.

‘We have never been a country at peace. We’ve been a country stuck in permanent crisis. We must find a solution to stop our elections from being cyclical.

‘We have to find a formula for preventing the conflict in Zimbabwe from continuously being repetitive like a broken record. That is the Zimbabwe we are looking for,’ Biti added.

The Finance Minister explained why his party is calling for reforms before elections, reminding the audience that the whole essence of the liberation war in the country was about reforms.

‘The reason for going to war was about democratising the state…and there was a new constitution that was agreed at the Lancaster House in 1979. That was reform.

‘So the call for reforms before the next elections is not an MDC agenda but the agenda of the people of Zimbabwe, who do not want a farce election like what was experienced in 2008,’ he said. SW Radio Africa

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