MDC supports SADC position on free and fair elections

The MDC supports the position taken by SADC facilitator on Zimbabwe, South African President Jacob Zuma, on elections and condemns the ongoing public spats by senior Zanu PF officials on the AU, SADC and the SADC facilitator on Zimbabwe.

Zanu PF’s Robert Mugabe and his senior lieutenants are making undiplomatic comments after calls by President Zuma and the South African government that crucial reforms must be put in place before elections are held in the country.

As the MDC, we do not want another farce and bloodbath election like what the people of Zimbabwe experienced in 2008 when hundreds of MDC members were murdered and thousands displaced from their homes.

The SADC was mindful of the 2008 fiasco that the organisation appointed South Africa’s President Zuma to find a lasting solution to the country’s impasse, which Zanu PF is trying to ignore by making inflammatory statements.

The MDC is in full support of the calls to put in place clear measures that will ensure that the next elections are held in a free and fair environment. The MDC, the People’s Party of Excellence will not get into any election that is characterised by violence. We do not want a declaration of war on the people, we want an election.

We condemn in the strongest terms such misguided behaviour and utterances by Zanu PF. Calls made by Mugabe at his 88th birthday last month that he would exercise his powers and call unilaterally for elections this year are ill informed and misguided.

Our position as the MDC is that a new people-driven Constitution should be finalised while electoral, security sector and media reforms should be put in place first in line with the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

It is absurd for Zanu PF to say it will go for elections without these fundamental reforms.

The issues being raised by the people of Zimbabwe, the MDC, AU, SADC and President Zuma meet the basic requirements to enable the holding of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

It is a known fact that Zanu PF is scared of elections. This anxiety is not difficult to see – all the violence, intimidation and threats are a signal of their fear.

The MDC is ready for elections anytime. The Party will never renege on the need for an election as it is the only way to ensure legitimate people lead the nation but it does not approve of violence as a means to garner votes. Zanu PF should not attempt to score cheap political points over issues that are very clear.

Zimbabweans want peace, they deserve to lead better lives and be open to make their own choices.

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