Minister Makone Condemns Murder of Luxmore Chivambo by Police Officers In Shamva

The Ministry of Home Affairs deeply regrets the death of Luxmore Chivambo after being murdered in cold blood by police in Shamva on Saturday night.

Theresa Makone
Theresa Makone

The deceased, Luxmore Chivambo was fatally assaulted while several others are receiving treatment at a Bindura hospital. Eight police officers in Shamva went on a spree and assaulted residents of Ashley Mine, randomly, on allegations that they had stolen US$1.00 and a cellphone from the wife of Officer-in-Charge of Shamva Police Station only identified as Shumba.

Property worth thousands of dollars was looted by the police officers during the raid. It is a shame and very regrettable, that a life should be lost over property worth less than $20.

The barbaric acts of the policemen should never be tolerated in a civilised society and this brings the name of the force into disrepute. The Shamva police officers acted in an unprofessional manner,and this is a clear case of abuse of office. Thorough investigations into the matter will be done and whoever was responsible must be brought to book.

My colleague minister of Home Affairs and myself do not condone such barbaric acts and will ensure that professionalism shall prevail over thuggery.

I am saddened that life has been lost because of the irresponsibility of a few misguided policemen. As we mourn the death of Luxmore, I promise the peaceful and law abiding citizens of Ashley Mine to rest assured that we shall do everything in our power to weed out murderous elements masquerading as police officers from amongst genuine professional officers of the law.

To Luxmore’s wife, family and friends, we are with you in this sorrowful time. May his soul guide us as we endeavour to make changes for the better in our police force as well as our beloved country.

May his soul rest in peace

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