More investment inroads from China into Zimbabwe

China is making no secret of its desire to engage even further with resource-rich Zimbabwe, as they seek new ways to fuel their booming economy.

With ties to Zimbabwe that already go back to the days of the liberation war, the Asian giant has been ratcheting up its investment push into the country in recent months as they look to forge new trade routes and expand on existing alliances.

A Chinese Communist Party delegation, led by politburo member Lui Qi, was in Zimbabwe last week and visited various places, including the prime tourist destination, the Victoria Falls. It’s believed the Chinese intend to invest heavily in tourism and plan to build 5-star hotels in Harare, Masvingo and Victoria Falls. The delegation also met President Robert Mugabe for talks.

Very recently the ZANU PF leader also met the Head of the Chinese Navy, Admiral Tong Shiping, who was on a visit to Zimbabwe.

There are concerns the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army is supervising the diamond mining in Marange, with reports suggesting Chinese military planes are transporting the diamonds exploited from Marange, to China.

The Marange diamond fields are believed to be one of the largest alluvial diamond fields in the world and in return for the diamonds the Chinese military are allegedly supplying weapons and other essential materials to help keep Mugabe in power. – SW Radio Africa News

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