No fly zone

EDITOR - In true NATO military style, Nicholas Goche, inconjunction with Patson Mbiriri, have effectively grounded our nationalcarrier through corruption, mismanagement and incompetence.


The actionis almost permanent as it disables both our financial and humanresource base. It was disastrous for the pair to attempt to prescribe remediesfor the airline using political knowledge unrelated to businessprinciples.

The Minister and Secretary compete to make unsound decisions andtheir corrupt agendas are hidden behind politicalconsiderations.

As head of the CIO, Nicholas Goche does not have the skills to run a Ministry with so many strategic business units. In the same vein, Patson Mbiriri’s experiencein local government has not helped him either.

It was a fatal mistake to pair Nicholas Goche and Patson Mbiriri – look at the mess they have landed us in. – MUNZWA MUNDOVE, by e-mail

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