No plan for electronic waste

The city of Harare has no plan for dealing with electronic waste, despite the opening up of the country’s borders to cheap computer products from China, an official has revealed.

Responding to questions from environmental stakeholders during a seminar to mark Africa Environment Day, Clifford Muzofa said the city was yet to come up with a way of disposing of electronic waste.

“It’s something that is new to us and we do not have a method of dealing with electronic waste.Except for hazardous substances, the rest of our waste is dumped at Pomona and taken away by scavengers,” Muzofa said.

Environmental Management Agency Director General, Mutsa Chasi, said most respiratory and water borne diseases were a result of the discharge of chemicals like mercury into the city’s water bodies.

“The mercury is consumed by fish which we then eat. This is very dangerous,” he said.

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