Open letter to the PM

The Energy Minister Elton Mangoma reportedly addressed a press conference recently where he actually directed ZESA to disconnect people who owed the utility money. These people will be at my door any day now because I owe them a few hundred dollars, despite paying something every month.

Energy Minister Elton Mangoma.
Energy Minister Elton Mangoma.

I have no problem with him disconnecting the powerful people he mentioned, but to give a directive to disconnect all households without a thorough investigation is just cruel. To jog your memory, your former minister Mudzuri once said that people should be allowed to pay a minimum of $10 without being disconnected. Every urbanite cheered, remembering your 2008 election promises – “affordable electricity and water charges … no more power-cuts or water-cuts…”. Later, he revised the figure upwards to $30.

What you probably do not know is that ZESA has not been regularly mailing out bills stating the amount that needs to be paid. Whenever the papers eventually come out, the figures are horrifying.

Please act before they dirty your name even more than they already have. – R.V. CHIGUTIRO, by e-mail

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