PM raps ZANU (PF) for stalling electoral reform processes

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on Thursday rapped ZANU (PF) for stalling reforms necessary for holding a free and fair election while speaking at the launch of his party’s “Conditions for free and fair elections”.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

“The way forward for Zimbabwe remains a free and fair election but one only predicated by a process. Anything else would be a circus. A circus or a bloodbath masquerading as an election would be a mockery and an insult to South Africa, SADC and the AU who have all been painstakingly working for the past four years to ensure that we hold a credible poll and set the foundation for a prosperous Zimbabwe.

The lesson of 2008 is that Zimbabwe cannot afford anything other than a credible poll. Zanu PF is stalling the election because most of the reforms reside in their ministries. If these are implemented tomorrow, we can go to an election any time. The ball is clearly in their court.

So as we launch this document, we are guided by the cries of death that we heard from all those victims of violence in 2008.

We have in our minds those who were abducted, including our parents and relatives who lost homes and who to this day bear visible scars of that violent election.

We still have in our minds all those who were murdered through Operation Mavhotera Papi; that shameful vengeful campaign in which many were butchered and maimed for simply voting for change. We will not allow that to happen again.

And as long as we implement the minimum conditions in this document, Zimbabweans shall peacefully walk to the ballot, well aware that there will be no retribution for exercising their right to vote leaders of their choice.

The onus is on us in this coalition, on SADC and the AU to walk with us. Today is International Women’s Day and I know that the women of this country have borne the brunt of violence and repression. We owe it to them to create a peaceful country and to enable them to pursue their dreams, to work for the country and above all to enable them to live and vote in peace.

As a country, we have walked the road of violence, fear and intimidation but we are not prepared to walk it forever more,” Tsvangirai said.

The PM added that he remained hopeful that the people of this country will vote freely in the next election and use them to consign the past (ZANU PF) to the dustbin and vote for a future that can only be guaranteed and sustained by an MDC government.

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