Round 3: March 21 Zimbabwe Global Action

March 21: Red Lines, Please Draw Them Mr Zuma

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma

With nine days to go before Round 3 of the 21st Movement Global Zimbabwe Protest Free Zimbabwe Global Protest on March 21st diaspora-based Zimbabweans' demonstrators are stepping up their protest and adding demands.

In South Africa the usual demo will be held at the Union Buildings and the co-ordinators are asking as many Zimbabweans as possible to attend, especially in light of Zanu (PF)'s attempts to go back on promised reforms before elections.

"We have to make sure the Union Buildings hear our noise so that when Jacob Zuma goes to Harare he will tell Mugabe that these demands are not just coming from SADC, but also from his own people.

"Our booking for the demonstration at the Unions Buildings in Pretoria on the 21st of March is from 12-2pm, so lets us be there earlier so that we use up all our time, " said Butholezwe Nyathi who is co-ordinating in SA.

Global Co-ordinator, Den Moyo in the US said: "It is without any shadow of doubt that the protests are working and influencing the political dynamics at home. Our efforts are not in vain, and we should all take pride in the fact that we are doing something about the chaotic situation at home."

He urged all Zimbabweans to participate, not just MDC members, because the struggle was for everybody and everybody would benefit from a free and democratic Zimbabwe, with rule of law.

Co-ordinators agreed that the March 21st theme will be "RED LINES – Please draw them President Zuma"

The following are the RED LINES which cannot be crossed and if crossed should bear dire consequences that we expect President Zuma to clearly lay out.

The following are the RED LINES which cannot be crossed and if crossed should trigger dire consequences that we expect President Zuma to clearly lay out.

RED LINE 1: New voters' roll as soon as possible – no elections without a new voters' roll.

RED LINE 2: Reorganization of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to remove members of the military and CIO operatives before fresh elections are held.

RED LINE 3: No interference with the constitution-making process – people's views must be adhered to and Copac should be allowed to complete the process and see it through to a national referendum.

RED LINE 4: Implementation of outstanding media reforms as soon as possible.

RED LINE 5: Ensuring security sector re-alignment to prevent interference in political and electoral affairs and to prevent state-sponsored electoral violence.

RED LINE: 6: Release of all political prisoners and stop harassment of opposition and civic organisations within a specified period.

In the UK this time around Zimbabweans in the UK from all walks of life are going to turn up in their numbers and send a strong message to the rest of the world that its high time camera lenses this time around turn on the Zimbabwe situation.

To make this possible, the Chair of the District leading the 3rd round of the 21st Global Protest Demo, Khama Matambanadzo, has established a high powered steering committee chaired by Washington Ali the District Vice Chair and five Branch executives drawn from across the district.

While people will gather at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 1300 hrs and later march as is the norm to the South African embassy there will be various other activities among others which will include; singing, dancing, speeches and performances.

In Western Australia protestors will be seeking audience with the Perth-based Consular, with members saying they are encouraged that the RSA seems to be applying considerable pressure.

MDC-USA secretary, Mr. Andrew Chaponda, said: "Our message to the peace-loving people of Zimbabawe is:

"Aluta Continua. Our message and actions have not escaped the attention of our leaders back in Zimbambwe. In the USA we are encouraging our members, Zimbabweans as well as friends of Zimbabwe to join others at their respective Embassies and Consulates in Washington DC, Chicago, and New York and show the world we need change in Zimbabwe."

"While we are encouraged by the statements attributable to some South Africa government officials, we remain nonetheless resolved to press upon South Africa and President Zuma to demand the enforcement of the GPA. This is the time for action, not appeasement."

He said, the message from the MDC leadership is encouraging and deserves to be supported. As Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, we have this unique vantage to show Mugabe and Zanu (PF) that human rights are universal rights. The right to participate in a free and fair election ought to be a routine expectation.

This movement will continue to gather strength. The March events will provide activists an opportunity to meet and talk about the fourth Global Protest on April 21, which will also coincide with our country's 32nd independence celebrations. MDC Washington DC District have tentatively offered to host the event.

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Round 3, Mar 21, 2012 – The world will be awed!!, said Chaponda

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