SA musicians longing to visit Zim

Two South African musicians are itching to hold shows in Zimbabwe. If all goes according to plan, Chwepheshe and Qondani could take their Maskandi music to Bulawayo, where the genre is very popular, within the next month or two.

Standing in unison: C. Mazibuko, Mxolisi Dube, I. Zezulu and Qondani
Standing in unison: C. Mazibuko, Mxolisi Dube, I. Zezulu and Qondani

The artists, who worked with fallen Maskandi singer – Umgqumeni and with 10 albums between themselves and riding high here, told The Zimbabwean that they were already in negotiations with some Bulawayo-based promoters and were hopeful of reaching an agreement in less than two weeks.

“We have long been dying to go to Zimbabwe, where this genre is very popular and we are happy that something seems to be finally working out now. If we do manage to go, this will be a dream come true for us,” said Chwepheshe, born Sizathu Hlabisa.

He is currently flying high here with his self-titled 2011 offering, which he is in the process of sending to Zimbabwe prior to the show.

“I had long thought that my music was being played in Zimbabwe, only to discover that it has not and I am now working on ways of sending it there. We have many of our brothers in that country traditionally and I know that they really love our music. We do not want to starve them because the music has to keep us connected.”

Mthethwa, whose stage name is Qondani, whose 2011 offering is Iwashi, promised fans value for money when the show finally takes off in Zimbabwe.

“We have many fans in that country and the only way to pay them back will be to give them a show they will never forget. Once this one succeeds, it will signal the beginning of a long lasting relationship that will see us going there once every year, but we would like to do it with Zimbabwean groups,” he said.

“The aim is to unite Zimbabweans and South Africans in a way that will stop this crazy xenophobia that has painted a bad name of South Africans on the continent. I have seen some brilliant performances from Zimbabwean groups, especially Inkanyezi Zezulu and would like to perform with them. We want to show the world that despite the few rotten apples, we are one in this continent.”

Their manager, Themba Mazibuko, said while their shows were tentatively meant for Bulawayo, they would travel anywhere else in the country should there be high demand for the musicians.

“People will see something new, something they have never seen before because we have been preparing for this for a very long time,” said Mazibuko.

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