Still no sign of media reforms with 11 days left in ultimatum

There is still no sign that Media and Information Minister Webster Shamu plans to implement key media reforms, with 11 days left of an ultimatum, allegedly set by the principals in the coalition government.


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said last week that Shamu was given a three week ultimatum to reconstitute the illegal boards of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe and the Mass Media Trust.

The deadline, if this order is obeyed, is Monday March 12.

This order was apparently handed down after a meeting with Tsvangirai’s coalition partners, Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara, last week Monday. The three all ‘agreed’ that these reforms must be implemented urgently.

But there are doubts that this will happen and some observers have already dismissed this latest ultimatum in the unity government’s history as a non event.

Most recently, an ‘agreement’ reached by the three principals over the position of national police chief turned out to be in words only, when ZANU PF went ahead and reappointed Augustine Chihuri until at least 2014. This was despite ZANU PF leader Mugabe allegedly agreeing with Tsvangirai and Mutambara that Chihuri would remain in an acting position only until an agreed replacement was found. – SW Radio Africa News

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