UK music concert to raise money for conservation task force

Pop singer David Scobie, who rocked Zimbabwe in the eighties with the hit song ‘Gypsy Girl’, is set to perform at a music concert in the UK that is meant to raise money for the Zimbabwe Conservation Taskforce (ZCTF).

The rock concert in Surrey has been dubbed ‘Bush-Bash in aid of ZCTF: Rocking for Wildlife’ and will feature Scobie and his fiancée Brigitte Rodrigues. Brigitte is the daughter of Johnny Rodrigues who heads the conservation taskforce.

Also making an appearance will be singers Fraser Mackay, Graham Hall and Kenny Duarte. Mackay is well known for the Beer Festival concerts held in Harare in the eighties and nineties while Hall is a well known one man band.

The conservation taskforce was formed in April 2001 by a group of Zimbabweans, “desperately concerned about the unacceptable levels of poaching as well as the destruction of the environment due to the break down of law and order.” SW Radio Africa

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