Website details Zanu PF violence

A website that details the horrors committed by Zanu PF on innocent civilians since independence has gone online offering hideous images of President Robert Mugabe's victims who are still to get justice.

Mugabe, in power since 1980, yields more power in the troubled coalition government with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and uses violence to intimidate and harass the populace to endorse his unpopular rule.

After independence from Briatin in 1980 Mugabe unleashed the North Korean trained fifth brigade on Zimbabweans who supported the late Joshua Nkomo.

And as recently as 2008 Mugabe used the army, youth militia and so-called war veterans and his secret spy agency, the CIO, to beat up civilians. Many still bear the scars of the turbulent times.

“This website is dedicated to the victims of Zanu PF crime committed in the name of Zanu PF on the people of Zimbabwe. To date, the perpetrators of genocide, mutilation, sexual abuse and murder continue to live amongst the surviving victims. They continue their abuses with impunity. Whilst there has been a temporary reprieve since the formation of the so called Government of national unity was put in place, all the mechanisms of state terror remain in place.”

The website says that it has massive amounts of data in the form of victims' testimony, videos and pictures which will be published later.

Mugabe has never been able to address the issue of violence despite insincere calls on his supporters to desist from violence.

A ministry that seeks to address the issue of reconcialition has failed dramatically and the police remain partisan. Victims do not have anywhere to go.

Apart from giving a graphic picture of the sordid deeds of Zanu PF, the website also details names of Zanu PF functionaries who benefited from the so-called land reform programme.

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