5 ZSE-listed firms operating on Cautionaries

Five companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) are trading under Cautionary Statements which could mean a major shift in their shareholding and operations, stock market analysts have confirmed.

In an exclusive interview a stock broker from Imara Edwards Securities (Private) Limited said the companies included Commercial Farming Industries Limited (CFI), an agricultural concern, TN Financial Holdings Limited, among the country's fastest growing listed companies, AICO Limited, a major seed producer, Afre Holdings Limited (Afre), a major re-insurance concern, and Rio Zimbabwe Limited, which last year made a shocking loss of US$8,1 million sending investor scurrying for cover.

The ZSE used to be a hive of activity before dollarisation but this has changed recently.

CFI is busy snapping up smaller enterprises, while TNFH is shifting gear into the grills sector as well as supermarket chains.

The group says it will soon operate a Cattle Bank where farmers can used their cattle as cash.

For each cow one will have US$400 in their bank accounts at TN Bank Limited.

AICO is testing new seeds in the country to try and market Zimbabwe which used to be the bread basket of Southern Africa but has recently fallen on hard times due to the controversial Land Resettlement Programme (LRP) begun in 2000 by President Robert Mugabe and the former ruling party, Zanu PF.

Rio Zimbabwe Limited, on the other hand, is undergoing major management changes as its Managing Director, businessman, Josh Sachikonye, stood down due to pressure from disruntled shareholders who did not receive a dividend from the once blue chip counter on the ZSE.

Rio Zim owns Murowa Diamonds (private) Limited, which has diamonds, now among the country's major currency spinners for the Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti.

Diamonds could reap in more than US$600 million according to Minister Bit, a figure which could bail the country out of its financial quagmire.

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