Byo uses Rand coins

EDITOR -According to Clemence Machadu in “Change crisis needs smart solutions”, Harare shopkeepers have rejected the idea of using rand coins for change, citing difficulties with the variable exchange rate between the US and South African currencies.

These shopkeepers seem unaware that in Bulawayo, ever since 2009, we have been fortunate to use US dollar notes together with rand coins in virtually every shop from TM Hyper to small groceries and street traders.

The cashiers are adept at giving the correct change, currently at the rate of R8 to the dollar. (The smallest denomination in use here is R0.50.)

I have not heard of any shop going bankrupt because of losses due to change being given at an incorrect rate!

If the government or bankers association wish to import rand coins to satisfy Harare’s needs, the transport costs would be very small, compared with bringing in US coins, and this would save Harare residents the aggravation of trading in unwanted lollipops. – John Schmid

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